Brand Consulting



After leading Maverik's rebranding efforts in 2001 Ernie accepted a full-time position as Maverik’s Executive Director of Marketing in 2010 and Maverik’s brand took flight. He identified a shift in Maverik’s core customer, inspired Maverik’s audacious advertising campaigns, worked with the construction department to influence a more adventurous interior and exterior store design, articulated Maverik’s vision and spearheaded Maverik’s audacious loyalty rewards program and social media strategy. 

"Maverik's value increased more than 600% since he was hired."

Tom Welch

Maverik, Inc. Former CEO and Chairman of the Board

Rocky Mountain Yeti


The Castlerock automobile dealership group located in Wyoming wanted to change their name to something that would garner attention and inspire creative marketing and advertising. Ernie interviewed the key leaders of the company to discover what they wanted to focus on to be different. He then crafted a brand image that was true to the heart of the company and stimulated ideas to differentiate in the face of very tough competition. 

"If helping your business grow through a brand lens is like navigating rough seas - Ernie is the navigator you want on your team. He provides clarity through tough situations and easily lays out the way forward. Our brand wouldn't be here and definitely wouldn't be what it is without Ernie."

-Tim Allred

CEO Rocky Mountain Yeti

Country Fair


Country Fair is a 72-store convenience store chain in Erie, PA that needed brand guidance and inspiration. Ernie interviewed the entire corporate office to learn their attitudes toward the organizations current brand perception then developed a brand guideline that has helped focus employee efforts and ignite employee morale.


Chuck Norris holding a bottle of CForce water.

Chuck discovered an aquifer on his ranch in Navasota, Texas. His wife, Gena decided to build a bottling plant across the street to share their discovery with the world. Their first attempt at packaging and branding didn't have enough punch, literally. So Ernie helped the company understand that Chuck Norris was the products most unique selling proposition and developed timeless Chuck Norris imagery to incorporate into advertising and packaging.